VuIR Boson 2.0

  • VuIR Boson 2.0


VuIR Boson 2.0


sUAS has revamped their best selling VuIR Boson to make a newer version: VuIR Boson 2.0 with a ground controller to control on the fly with the most desired features.

Great features:

  • Ability to change color palettes
  • Full tilt and zoom capabilities 
  • Easy to install, lightweight system
  • Built-in DVR for video recording


With a quick mount, the thermal mount VuIR Boson can be easily and quickly attached/removed. Allows for quick setup/ tear down, and can be stored in a case or backpack. This convenience makes it ideal for any type of job, from casual flights to commercial thermal imaging work.

Mobile, Versatile, and Future-proof

The system runs on its own rechargeable battery, using non of the drones power. Installation requires no modifications to the drone, meaning the drones warranty will remain intact. In addition to use with drones, the VuIR can be used as a handheld, thermal imaging device. The VuIR system is a future-proof product that remains functional even after you upgrade to a new drone.

Top/side mounting won't affect sensors

With our design, the Boson is mounted on top of the Mavic 1, Mavic 2, or on the Side of Autel EVO and thus will not affect any of the Sensors or GPS. This makes flying indoor or outdoor with the Mavic/Mavic Air/Autel EVO loaded with VuIR Boson easy, as if nothing was added to it. Also, no leg extensions are needed which saves time in setup and tear down.

Dual Visions

With its own Thermal Video monitor, you will simultaneously have dual vision of thermal and visible (through the drone's camera). The HD visible live video from the Mavic/Mavic Air gives you visual aid for flying and help you make better sense of  the VuIR thermal imaging in real time. The dual vision greatly enhances the efficiency of inspection, compared to when only thermal vision is used.

Tech Specs

  • Battery duration: 25-30 minutes per charge (Outlasting the flight time of the drone itself!)
  • Weight: 90 grams (Mount system with all components and camera)
  • Flight Time: Mavic w/ VuIR Boson camera: 20 minutes, and 13+ minutes for Mavic Air.
  • Built-in video downlink: (Frequencies: 5.8ghz, Power: 600mw)
  • Video Range:1 - 2 km LOS (line of sight).

What's included:

  • VuIR Boson 2.0 Air Unit
  • Monitor-mount ground controller
  • 1 Battery for Air unit and Charger 
  • 7 inch Black Pearl ground thermal video display
  • High gain antenna for the display
  • Dual monitor mount for Mavic 1/Mavic 2
  • Carry case for the VuIR Boson 2.0 Air unit
IMPORTANT: This product does NOT include a FLIR Boson camera. FLIR Boson's are available for purchase in the store.