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Hamamatsu C12880MA MEMS u-Spectrometer and Breakout Board v2

Hamamatsu C12880MA MEMS u-Spectrometer and Breakout Board v2


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The Hamamatsu C12880MA MEMS micro-spectrometer detects wavelengths of light (i.e. colors) and their intensities. Its spectral response of 340-850 nanometers lies mostly in the visible spectrum yet extends to near infrared with 15 nm of resolution. The internal CMOS image sensor and optics are hermetically sealed to increase humidity resistance.

With its small size, light weight, and relatively low power consumption, it can be integrated into compact systems to detect fluorescence responses for organic compound analysis and do basic passive color matching (LED's, paints... ). Check out Dr. Peter Jansen's Open Source Science Tricorder to see a micro-spectrometer put to portable use.

This product is only sold with minimum order quantities from the manufacturer and has long lead times. Get a head start on your experimentation by getting one of these today.

Spectrometer Critical Specifications

  • Spectral Response: 340 to 850 nm
  • Resolution: 15 nm
  • Pixels: 288
  • Minimum VCC: 4.75 V
  • Power Consumption: 30 mW
  • Packaging: Hermetically sealed for high humidity resistance
  • Size: 20.1 × 12.5 × 10.1mm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Note that the signal to wavelength conversion factor is unique to each device. Data is provided with your purchase and listed below.

Documentation & Links

Calibration Data Sheets

Each Spectrometer is individually calibrated. You will need these values to ensure your measurements are accurate.

C12880MA Breakout Board V3

This is a simple Arduino compatible breakout for the Hamamatsu C12880MA MEMS Micro-spectrometer which is used to detect wavelengths of light (i.e. colors) and their intensities.

Since all power and signal pins are broken out, you can easily jumper or breadboard it to any system of your choice as well. In addition to breaking out the C12880MA, the board has a super bright white LED for illuminating a target to possibly measure fluorescence responses.



Documentation and Links

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