PureThermal 1 - FLIR Lepton Smart I/O Module v1.2

PureThermal 1 - FLIR Lepton Smart I/O Module v1.2

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PureThermal 1 is the latest innovation in FLIR Lepton® development by GetLab. Get thermal video over USB right out of the box for all of your favorite platforms and hack it to your heart’s content because the firmware is open and the schematic is published. Get the specs and more details at our PT1 product page: https://groupgets.com/manufacturers/getlab/products/purethermal-1-flir-lepton-smart-i-o-module


Join the FLIR Lepton Maker Community which features this PureThermal 1 module as well as the classic Lepton Breakout Board.


-Includes Micro USB Cable


Important Information

-In order to do do radiometry with the Radiometric FLIR Lepton 2.5, Y16 firmware is required. Y16 firmware requires specialized software to work such as GetThermal.

-For those wishing to apply possible future updates or load custom firmware themselves, we created a JTAG adapter board which can be purchased here. This adapter will also allow you to do more advanced debugging of PT1 along with faster flashing. Please note that firmware upgrades through DFU mode do not work reliably and are no longer supported on the PT1.