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NVSU233B U365 High Power 1W UV-LED Soldered to Breakout Board

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"World Standard" High Power UV-LED

This is one of the best UV-LED's available worldwide.


  • 365nm
  • High Power (over 1W Output)
  • High Heat Dissipation Package
  • Long lifetime
  • 3.5x3.5mm Small Package
  • 1A standard drive current
  • Forward voltage: 3.85V
  • Radiant Flux: 1450 mW
  • Peak Wavelength: 365 nm
  • Spectrum Half Width: 9 nm


  • Ink or Resin Curing
  • Lithography
  • Excitation

Datasheet - PDF

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Safety Warning

  • This product radiates intense UV light during operation. It is intended for experienced developers only! Do NOT look directly into the UV light, even through an optical instrument. In case of light reflection, wear UV protective glasses to prevent eye damage for yourself and others in your surroundings.