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FLIR Boson Case (inner)

FLIR Boson Case (inner)


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A simple case to protect your FLIR Boson 640. Comes with two replaceable plastic windows. Has 1/4-20 tripod threads on opposing sides of the case. Not waterproof.

This is only the inner part of the case, the outer part is available here:


The outer case is not required.


Boson Compatibility

Boson 640: 18° (24.4mm)
Boson 640: 24° (18mm)
Boson 640: 32° (14mm)
Boson 640: 50° (8.7mm)
Boson 640: 95° (4.9mm)

Inner Case Dimensions
88.2mm Deep -- 3.47"
63.7mm Tall -- 2.50"
52.8mm Wide --2.07"

Outer Case Dimensions
92.2mm Deep -- 3.62"
91.3mm Tall -- 3.59"
84.8mm Wide --3.33"

Weight (approximate)

Inner with foam -- 4oz

Outer with foam -- 6oz

Plastic Window Specifications
Shore Hardness: D60-70
Substrate: Polymer Film
Type: Protective Window
Wavelength Range (nm): 8000 - 14000
Young's Modulus (GPa): 0.40 - 1.24
Effect of Sunlight: None to Slight
Effect of Ultraviolet: UV Stabilized
Effect of Weak Acids: Very Little
Effect of Strong Acids: Attacked by Oxidizing Acids
Effect of Weak Alkalies: Very Little
Effect of Strong Alkalies: Very Little
Effect of Organic Solvents: Little below 60°C (140°F)

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