FLIR Boson 320 - Professional Grade

FLIR Boson 320 - Professional Grade

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The FLIR Boson™ longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera core is a giant leap forward in thermal imaging system integration. With its embedded Movidius Myriad 2 12-core image processor, wide range of lens options, and FLIR's XIR™ expandable infrared video processing architecture, it allows system integrators to take their thermal applications to far greater heights. Perform on-board video analytics, drive external sensors and peripherals, and communicate over multiple standard communication interfaces such as USB 3.0 with Boson.

Additional Information can be found on the FLIR Boson Product Page.


  • Your Boson may look different than pictured.
  • All Units shipped within the US will be 60Hz, all units shipped internationally will be 9Hz. If you are in the US and would prefer a 9Hz unit over the 60Hz one leave a note during checkout.

Lead Times

Your Entire Order will ship together. All Boson units except for the 24° (9.1mm) have a 5 week lead time, the 24° (9.1mm) Boson has a 13 week lead time.