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This board can be used to flash and debug the PureThermal 1 system via JTAG by connecting the included ribbon cable to both board’s flat flex connectors. You will also need an ST-Link/V2 connected over USB to flash/debug PT1. If you are planning on using this for another project make sure that it uses the same flat flex connector as this adapter (Molex Part #: 5034801200).

The current configuration that is now shipping does not have the boot & reset buttons or Cortex header populated but now does have the FTDI and SWD headers populated. Note that the SWD header (J1) is bottom-facing such that the board can be mounted onto the the ST Nucleo's on-board ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer via its SWD connector. This is the lowest cost way (~$14) to use our ARM JTAG breakout with PureThermal 1. We've had a good response to this board so we made more and dropped the price.
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